Doing It For the Culture: Check Out The Scenario Radio Show!August 13, 2017August 13, 2017toyahaynes

Hey Nashville and beyond! I am so happy to say that I am doing a brand new monthly feature with The Scenario – Radio Show fam called For the Culture every second Saturday of the month. I’ll be lending social commentary to current entertainment and culture news affecting the hip hop generation. I’ve been rocking with the Scenario crew for a few years now as their resident music snob commentator.  Some of you may have heard me contribute to their music themed episodes such as Greatest Hip Hop Groups of All Time and Greatest Female R&B Singers of the 90’s.

This was a really fun show. I was in sheer music snob heaven with this one.

They cover all kinds of important topics within the black community such as mental health, bullying, finances, etc. and they play great music! Anytime I get to engage with them is a real treat.

Me with co-host B Cov on their show on mental health where I shared my ADHD diagnosis story.

You can listen to The Scenario Radio Show every Saturday from 5-7pm CST on (they also have an app!), in Nashville on 103.7fm / 107.1fm, in Baton Rouge on WHYR and in Austin on KAZI. Check out their Facebook page at for their latest news and show archives.

The Scenario Radio Show crew (left to right): Karla Burnett, Brian “B Cov” Covington, Zai Zai B, Dana Fields and Van Johnson.