Partnering with WGT

What’s Good, Toya? stemmed from a question I constantly received on a weekly basis during my time as a Nashville local events writer: “Hey Toya! What’s good this weekend?” Being asked this question repeatedly let me know that my audience trusts me to inform them on what events are worth attending, whose entertainment is worth supporting, and what businesses are worth getting their hard earned money.  

For me, sharing this information with my audience goes beyond attending events, buying a product or patronizing a business; it’s bringing them the great stories and people behind them that will inspire them to engage in their communities, enjoy living their best life, and be privy to what’s good in their own backyard.

Ready to tell your good story? Let’s partner! I offer media coverage for events, product reviews, business reviews, giveaways, and more! Let’s discuss how we can partner together to put a spotlight on what’s good in our communities and beyond.

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