Welcome to What’s Good, Toya… Again!May 22, 2017August 28, 2017toyahaynes

Hey Y’all,

So What’s Good, Toya has been all sorts of things as I’ve tried to develop it over the past few years: A good news blog, a local events blog, a travel blog. For some reason I thought that I had to narrow the focus to just one thing. That’s crazy!  What I really want to do is share with you what’s good: what’s good with me, what’s good locally, what’s good in our communities and with creatives all over the world.  Here you will find my interviews, articles written by me, and perhaps an opinion or two of mine thrown in for good measure.  To find out what’s good with me and what I think is good, right here is the place. Thanks for rocking with me!

Wishing You Peace, Love, and Random Dollar Bills Found in Your Clothes on Laundry Day,